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Is your "advisor" really independent?

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I hate the term “financial advisor.”  It has no real meaning and anyone may call himself that.  Most of the folks who call themselves financial advisors are salespeople.  I don’t say this as a slight to salespeople – I’m just not comfortable with what I consider a […] – Investors Misled By Brokers Masquerading As Fiduciaries

Link: – Investors Misled By Brokers Masquerading As Fiduciaries Folks who are CFA charterholders are not necessarily abiding by a fiduciary standard in their professional roles.  If folks see the CFA(tm) mark, they may be (incorrectly) assuming a higher level of standard than actually applies – often the soft “suitability” standard that brokers and […]

But Will It Make You Happy?

Link: But Will It Make You Happy? NY Times article on spending and happiness.  No surprises – plenty of folks have studied this and it’s been shown pretty clearly that once basic needs are met, more spending, particularly on stuff rather than on experiences, doesn’t make folks significantly more happy.