Monthly Archives: September 2011

Study: 401(k) participants who had “help” outperformed others 401(k) Study: Workers who sought help improved annual performance by an average of 3 percent DES MOINES, Iowa – Sometimes it pays to get help. A new study of 401(k) accounts provides further evidence that workers who get help pocket higher returns than those handling their own investment choices. The study by human resources […]

John Steele Gordon: A Short History of the Income Tax (WSJ op-ed piece) A Short History of the Income Tax One original sin was the separation of the corporate and personal tax, giving lawyers, accountants and the wealthy a chance to game the system. […] The other pernicious consequence of the separate corporate and personal income taxes has been a field day for demagogues and the misguided […]

Hulbert: Are Stocks Undervalued? Hulbert does a quick analysis comparing today’s stock market’s P/E – both trailing and projected forward – against historical norms.  And he finds that based on that analysis, stocks may appear either undervalued or perhaps pretty fairly valued – but they certainly don’t look particularly expensive. While it’s hard to argue for any kind […]

WSJ: John Bogle – How the Index Fund Was Born   A nice op-ed note from Bogle about how the first index fund was started, and about his relationship with the late Paul Samuelson.