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WSJ – The Bond Buyer’s Dilemma

The Bond Buyer’s Dilemma The yields on long-term US Treasury bonds will likely fall below inflation for years.  Fortunately, some reasonable alternatives strategies exist for investors. –snip– A few bits and pieces from the opinion piece: Are we in an era now when many bondholders are likely to experience very unsatisfactory investment results?  I […]

How to Pay Your Financial Advisor Discusses the pros and cons of various compensation schemes for advisors Asset-Based Fee Fee Plus Commissions Flat Fee Net Worth and Income Hourly Fee What’s missing, I think, is the cases where people don’t realize that they’re paying at all, which usually means commissions or back-end fees.  Lots of folks who call themselves “financial […]

Year-End Deadlines

While we recommend planning and managing your finances all year long – this is a process, not a singular task – there are a few deadlines which come up at year-end which cannot be ignored.  Some of them represent potential missed opportunities, while at least one of them represents something that if you don’t do […]