(Almost) Everyone can file their federal individual income taxes electronically for free

From the IRS:

For folks who earn $57,000 or less (and – don’t be surprised – it’s an awful lot of folks — 70% of the nation’s taxpayers!) may use brand-name software and secure e-filing for free. The providers who are participating include H&R Block, TurboTax, Liberty Tax services and others. Start here and follow the links:

And if you make over $57,000 and/or have more complex returns, there are free online fill-in-the-blank forms — with free electronic filing – via the Free File Alliance, LLC (in cooperation with the IRS). They let you do all the forms that almost any individual filer will need, including regular 1040, schedules A,B,C,D,H, and many others. Full list of forms available here:
You do need to set up an online account, and you fill in all the forms and all your data is stored online, but it is secure – probably more secure than your own home computer. There is no hand-holding or “interview” process like you’d get from home-user software, but it is all there, free, and anyone may use it – and still way faster and more accurate (they do the calculations) than filling in paper by hand with a pencil and calculator. Start here, or follow the links from the IRS web page listed above:

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