Monthly Archives: June 2012

Mortgage rates remain at record lows – refinance ’em if you’re credit’s good!

Per a USA Today article which references the Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Survey: Mortgage buyer Freddie Mac says the average on the 30-year loan was 3.66%. That’s unchanged from last week and the lowest since long-term mortgages began in the 1950s. The average rate on the 15-year mortgage, a popular refinancing option, slipped to 2.94%. That’s down […]

Tax Simplification – Harvey Golub op-ed piece in the WSJ

Harvey Golub’s op-ed piece from the Wall Street Journal on June 14, 2012: Harvey Golub: A Simple Tax Code Is a Fair Tax Code The top 1% pays more in federal income taxes than the bottom 90%. But the system is biased toward the powerful in other ways. [some bit from the article:] The […]

Ferri: Star Fund Managers and Flame Out Rates A nice quick read with some supporting numbers regarding the likelihood that active fund managers who have outperformed their indexes in the past will do so again. Not surprisingly, fewer continue to outperform than one would even expect from sheer dumb luck. This, of course, further strengthens the case for low-expense, passive, index or […]

Counting on an Inheritance? Count Again. From the Wall Street Journal on Monday, June 11, 2012: Worth the read.  Great reminder that (a) you should probably not be planning on an expected inheritance to take care of your retirement savings for yourself; (b) you should seriously be having a frank talk with your parents about their finances; (c) your siblings […]