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NYTimes Opinion: Our Ridiculous Approach To Retirement

Worth reading.  Prof. GHILARDUCCI has been saying for years that the 401(k) system has failed and her arguments are sound.  While abolishing them may not be the answer, her recommendation for mandatory contributions to retirement accounts may be part of a much better answer.  People simply aren’t saving enough through 401(k)s and incremental changes – like […]

Ten most common mistakes

Totally worth reading. I’d have said exactly these same things and I tell them to clients all the time. So good I’m thinking of mailing this link in my next On The Spot email. A really great “top 10” list by Barry Ritholtz: Investors’ 10 most common mistakes I seriously recommend reading the whole […]

Real 10 year yields

From an article about adjusting assumptions for retirement withdrawal rates in a ‘yield-free’ world.     The author makes some important points about the rule-of-thumb that so many use for planning the level of withdrawals that’s “safe” from a given portfolio (or flipping it around, the level of savings that will be necessary to […]

Sometimes it makes a huge difference if you Delay Social Security

<; WSJ piece, not too much detail, but hints at a wealth of complexity and opportunity, regarding strategies for maximizing Social Security benefits. Mentions of Social Security Timing, a service to help folks figure out how to optimize. Great example: Consider a hypothetical situation. The husband, the higher earner, believes he’s going to die relatively […]