Monthly Archives: August 2012

A really nice blog post about how much (and what kind of) life insurance people need In Chuck’s blog post, he talks about being “worth more dead than alive” – the context being that people often are sold more life insurance than they really need.  Or the wrong kind of life insurance (in which case, they may not be worth more dead than alive, but may be worth more to […]

Buy Facebook? You may already have!

When Facebook (FB) went public, several folks immediately asked if they should buy it.  My response was, uniformly, “no”.  It was not that I thought FaceBook was overvalued (I did), not that I thought the price was going to drop soon (I did – IPOs frequently go down in the short term, and a spectacularly […]

Malkiel: Buy Stocks, not Bonds

Burton Malkiel has been speaking up a lot lately, and with much the same message – repeated several times over the last few months (at least since an op-ed back in April).  While hitting on some of the same themes he’s hit on for 40 years (index funds, low costs, broad diversification, don’t time the […]

Higher borrowing for college

A worthwhile article.  Like long-term care, the difficult burdens are on the middle and upper-middle class.  The rich can simply afford to pay and the poor are more likely to get grants and/or go to less expensive schools (just as with long-term care, the rich can simply afford to pay and the poor go on […]

NYTimes – What some investors Are Doing To Anticipate Tax Increase

Nice article in NYTimes by Paul Sullivan.  He talks about some of the specific tax increases that are on their way to happening (unless Congress and the Prez do something about them), and what some folks are doing to deal with it. The tax increases addressed: 1. The 3.8% “surtax” on investment income for […]