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Originally posted on Kimberly J. Howard, CFP® Blog:
‘Cash is king’ is the catch phrase used by financial advisors to encourage their customers to avoid borrowing and wise advice for many situations. There are several reasons why you might want to use a credit card this holiday season. One that many people are already aware…

Delaying the start of Social Security

Delaying the start of Social Security – potentially a fantastic deal [Note, this post is from our On The Spot newsletter.  We publish it infrequently and strive to always include helpful, informative articles such as this one.  Sign up here: and we’ll also send you a copy of our most recent “10 Things” special […]

RIP Warren Rudman, “the last American politician who could count”

RIP Warren Rudman. As a friend of mine pointed out, “the last American politician who could count”. From the NY Times article linked to below: In his memoir he wrote: “The Republican Party is making a terrible mistake if it appears to ally itself with the Christian right. There are some fine, sincere people in […]

Distinguishing Investment Management from Financial Planning

One of the things I found vexing about the financial planning business is the assets-under-management model.  Most fee-only financial planners charge some percentage of the assets they manage, and for that payment, they will manage a portfolio of investments as well as provide comprehensive financial planning services.  The vexing part is this: the fee they […]

Make the Most of Your First Meeting With a Financial Adviser

Wall Street Journal article published Monday, November 5, 2012: A really helpful article discussing what folks may expect at a first meeting with a financial adviser. Unfortunately, the article doesn’t shed very much light on some essential issues – the differences between a Registered Investment Adviser and a representative of a Broker/Dealer, for example.  […]