RIP Warren Rudman, “the last American politician who could count”

RIP Warren Rudman. As a friend of mine pointed out, “the last American politician who could count”.

From the NY Times article linked to below: In his memoir he wrote: “The Republican Party is making a terrible mistake if it appears to ally itself with the Christian right. There are some fine, sincere people in its ranks, but there are also enough anti-abortion zealots, would-be censors, homophobes, bigots and latter-day Elmer Gantrys to discredit any party that is unwise enough to embrace such a group.”

Unfortunately, as bad as the system was when he left it, in disgust, it’s gotten a lot worse since. Seeing the kinds of candidates running and winning now, it’s hard to see how someone like him could get elected nowadays and that’s a terrible loss for us all.

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