Cash is Not Always King – while we encourage folks to only buy things they can afford to buy without borrowing to do so, it still makes sense to use a credit card for many purchases (though, of course, we still encourage you to pay it off as soon as you get the bill so you don’t have to pay interest). Here are some great things to keep in mind.

Kimberly J. Howard, CFP® Blog

‘Cash is king’ is the catch phrase used by financial advisors to encourage their customers to avoid borrowing and wise advice for many situations. There are several reasons why you might want to use a credit card this holiday season. One that many people are already aware of is that using a credit card responsibly helps to establish a credit history. What some consumers may not know is that some purchases should always be made with a credit card in order for them to be able to take advantage of additional warranty protection, cash back rewards and other perks from various credit card providers.

Technology, Appliances and Electronics
These purchases are typically big-ticket items that you expect to last a long time. Buy with cash and you could lose out on an extended warranty and price protection. Use a credit card and enjoy double the warranty length provided by the…

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