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How to Save More For Retirement Without Really Trying

Today’s column from the excellent Jason Zweig: How to Save More For Retirement Without Really Trying [Click the link above to read the entire article] A highlight or two: • When people want to save but can’t bring themselves to do it, their retirement funds need to do the saving for them—automatically. • At companies that […]

Five Signs You Picked The Wrong Financial Advisor

Follow this link to <; Five Signs You Picked The Wrong Financial Advisor by Libby Kane at LearnVest (with a couple of quotes inside from another LearnVest advisor). The article definitely favors Fee-Only and CFP advisers.  Naturally, that resonates with us here at Meyers Wealth Management, as that describes us exactly.  But just because we […]

Sally Krawcheck: The 5 Real Reasons to Hire a Financial Advisor

From her article posted on LinkedIn – Summary follows.  Please visit the site to read the actual article.  She adds important details. 1. Press you to answer questions you don’t want asked 2. Put together a financial plan 3. Identify risks in your portfolio that you might look right past 4. Talk you through […]

The 4% rule and its failings

The 4% rule and its failings There are plenty of articles about shortcomings of the 4% rule – which is still a great *starting point* if not a real plan. The WSJ brings up a few alternatives to help overcome the problems with the 4% rule:   Some of the adjustments/alternatives discussed: (1) using […]