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A whopping 52.6 percent tax rate on ordinary income

From an article about ranking the tax efficiency of certain income-oriented investments for six-figure earners: Begin by choosing marginal tax rates for both ordinary income and long-term capital gains. Litman Gregory assumed a whopping 52.6 percent rate on ordinary income, which includes 8 percent for state income tax. The federal portion consists of this year’s […]

Gold Bugs Swatted Again

Gold Bugs Swatted Again Rick Ferri on gold. note especially his charts showing inflation-adjusted price of gold.

A brief history of taxes in america (humor, kinda)

A brief history of taxes in america (humor, kinda) [gotta love the mustache-twirling robber barons] If we cannot cry, we should at least laugh.

Nice summary of how advisors get paid

Nice summary of how advisors get paid Nice summary of how advisors get paid, via Financial Ducks In A Row (Jim Blankenship).  Discusses commissions, fee-based and fee-only.

Forbes: 7 Questions To Test Your Financial Literacy

Great, short, informative article. I can’t tell you how many times I run into #3 and have to explain the difference between a container and what one puts into a container. And, given where I live and work, how many people have *way* too much tied up in company stock (#5), and often it’s in […]

John Steele Gordon on the Carried Interest Loophole

The always-worth-reading John Steele Gordon, on the absurdity of the carried-interest tax loophole (which mainly benefits hedge-fund managers): <; He also describes a bit of the way hedge fund managers are paid.  What isn’t mentioned is that the investors themselves are often getting fleeced, too.  Recently we’ve seen how some of these funds end up […]