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Sometimes 401(k) plan fees are so high that you’d be better off investing in a taxable account

  Via Rick Ferri — <; A 401(k) plan is broken when the fund expenses overwhelm the tax benefit of participation. Employer sponsored 401(k) and similar tax-deferred savings plans encourage employees to save for retirement by deferring income taxes on their contributions. However, a recent study suggests that about 1 in 7 plans provide investment […]

Professional Portfolio Management – For Free

In another great column at the WSJ, Jason Zweig talks about some of the new breed of online, computerized portfolio management packages.  These providers, for a very low fee (as little as free for the first $10,000, up to about 0.25% per year ongoing), will invest your money into efficient low-cost portfolios of index funds […]

Eleanore Szymanski on How to Choose A Financial Advisor

Naturally, everything she says makes sense… <; She does preface with a caveat – that there are advisors who could be perfectly well qualified but who won’t fit the criteria she lists — but because a lay person may not be able to evaluate and select one who doesn’t fit her criteria, these are a […]