Monthly Archives: April 2014

Setting Automatic Alerts on the Meyers Wealth Management Client Site

Clients of Meyers Wealth Management have the opportunity to use our powerful online financial planning software and financial dashboard.  It offers our clients aggregation of account data from many outside sources, reports generated on-the-fly regarding client investments and other planning issues. Additionally, clients are welcome to use the budgeting features (whether they share that level […]

Delaying Social Security – if you can afford to – is a great deal

I’ve written about this many times, the most recent time here: <; Wade Pfau, however, one of the foremost experts on retirement and getting one’s investments to last through retirement – has written a great column in Forbes about the issue:  <; I couldn’t have said it better myself.  

The Seven-Figure Portfolio Fee

Wall Street Journal recently published, in their WSJ.Money magazine, an article titled “The Seven-Figure Portfolio Fee”.  Here’s a link to it:  <; The subtitle is “The cost of managing finances is coming down for many investors. But, for the wealthy, it’s a different story. They proceed to discuss just how much assets-under-management fees add up […]