Setting Automatic Alerts on the Meyers Wealth Management Client Site

Clients of Meyers Wealth Management have the opportunity to use our powerful online financial planning software and financial dashboard.  It offers our clients aggregation of account data from many outside sources, reports generated on-the-fly regarding client investments and other planning issues.

Additionally, clients are welcome to use the budgeting features (whether they share that level of detail with us is up to them).

And today, we are reminding everyone about the powerful Alerts features.  You can be notified when any of a wide variety of events take place, including:

  • when any cash account balance falls below a given threshold
  • when large expenses or deposits show up in accounts
  • if your spending goes outside the bounds of any budgets you’ve set
  • if any stock or investment has become too concentrated (i.e., too large a percentage of your portfolio)
  • when securities you are monitoring have price movements above thresholds you set
  • when important dates are coming up (e.g., insurance policy renewals, tax filing dates, etc.)

Below, we’ve included a screenshot of some of the alerts available to you.  Please let us know if we can help you take advantage of this powerful feature.


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