Monthly Archives: October 2014

Financial Planning versus the Robo-Advisors

It seems that every day there’s another headline or article about the rise of the Robo-Advisors. And it seems a common myth discussed in these articles is that these online investment advisory services are a growing threat to the business of personal human-provided financial advice. What it really comes down to is what, exactly, one […]

2015 IRA, 401(k) and other retirement plan contribution limits announced

By law certain retirement plan limits get adjusted every year, not exactly tracking inflation (i.e., not by the CPI) but rather in “chunks” which approximate it. For 2015, the following limits have been announced: IRA Contributions (combined limit across Roth and Traditional): $5,500IRA Catch-Up Contributions (for folks over 50): $1000[Both unchanged from 2014 and, actually, […]

A Few Points about Delaying Social Security, and about Spousal and Ex-Spouse Benefits

This started out as “A Few QUICK Points…” but unfortunately, Social Security is just too complex for almost anything to be “quick” about it. [For the sake of simplicity, we will assume for the rest of this article that “full retirement age” is 66 — which is actually the case for folks born between 1943 […]