KQED Forum Podcast on Wills and Trusts

Music legend Prince died recently and the news has talked a bit about how he apparently died without a will.

KQED Forum, a great discussion show on public radio here in the SF Bay area, hosted a discussion in the wake of this event, to talk about wills, who needs them, and related issues. The guest include Liza Hanks, an estate attorney here in Palo Alto, and John O’Grady, an estate attorney up in San Francisco, and David Hellman, estate and tax planning lawyer.

If you haven’t consulted with an attorney for estate planning documents, or if you have, but it’s been a while and you want give them some more thought, we *strongly* recommend a listen.





  1. S. Yvette · · Reply

    I think a family member of mine took advantage of my fathers possible inheritance…my concern stems from this particular family member pretending that she doesn’t understand trust when she became a trustee to both my grandmother’s trust immediately after my fathers death. This family member has also recorded her own trust. Who could help me find out if anything is “hinky”?

    1. First stop is a trust and estate lawyer.

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