Free Financial Planning!

Periodically — typically at least in the fall — some local organizations get together along with a bunch of financial planning professionals who volunteer their time — to provide FREE FINANCIAL PLANNING!

The event is called Financial Planning Days and they happen all over the country including places like San Francisco (10/22/2016), Indianapolis (10/15/2016), Baltimore (10/29/2016) and others.

And it’s coming to SILICON VALLEY — in particular SUNNYVALE on SATURDAY OCTOBER 22, 2016 from 1-5p.

Sunnyvale Library
665 W Olive Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Come on down and ask us some questions.  There are no strings attached, nobody’s going to try to sell you anything (we aren’t even allowed to bring our business cards).

You’ll have an opportunity to receive a FREE PRIVATE CONSULTATION with an expert financial planner.  You may discuss any of a wide variety of personal finance issues from cash-flow management, taxes, estate planning, investments strategies, retirement planning, you name it.

All the financial planning professionals are CFP® professionals, with years of experience and broad expertise in financial planning issues.

So come on down!  I look forward to seeing you there.

These events are truly one of my favorite opportunities to work with folks who would otherwise be very unlikely to walk into a financial planning office.  The service is invaluable, and the people who come in — and the volunteers — all make it a tremendous experience.  Don’t miss it!  And don’t be shy!


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