Monthly Archives: September 2017

Mortgage Rates hit 2017 Low

Freddie Mac surveys lenders weekly and publishes average mortgage rates for the previous week every Thursday.  Today they’ve published rates which show a year-to-date low:  30 year mortgage originations are down to 3.78% (with 50bp points/fees), 15 year mortgages are down to 3.08% and 5/1 ARMs are down to 3.15%. This aren’t quite historic lows […]

The Equifax Data Breach

Just a couple of quick notes regarding the Equifax data breach: There’s been a lot of reporting, and Equifax’s response has changed a bit over the last few days, so I’m trying to be careful. (ie. At first, their free credit monitoring enrollment deal for folks who’d potentially been compromised required people to agree not […]