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FINRA warns about 401(k) Rollovers – Let’s talk again about conflicts of interest!

  FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, is the securities industry’s self-reglatory organization.  They do the various test, deal with broker and advisor registration and monitoring, etc. And FINRA has recently started cracking down on advisors and brokers who are giving questionable advice to investors about how to deal with their 401(k)s and rollovers.  In […]

The Father of the Modern 401(k) Says It Fails Many Americans

<; “Thus began the era of make-your-own-retirement.” The 401k wasn’t exactly an accident – it was intentionally put into the tax code.  But the blockbuster growth of it, and the way it’s supplanting the traditional pension more and more – that was not the original intention. Scott Tang at American Public Media (NPR) discusses the […]

The 4% rule and its failings

The 4% rule and its failings There are plenty of articles about shortcomings of the 4% rule – which is still a great *starting point* if not a real plan. The WSJ brings up a few alternatives to help overcome the problems with the 4% rule:   Some of the adjustments/alternatives discussed: (1) using […]

Delaying the start of Social Security

Delaying the start of Social Security – potentially a fantastic deal [Note, this post is from our On The Spot newsletter.  We publish it infrequently and strive to always include helpful, informative articles such as this one.  Sign up here: and we’ll also send you a copy of our most recent “10 Things” special […]