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Doubling Your Tax Break: Giving Appreciated Assets to PTA and PIE

[Note – this was written with Palo Alto CA public schools in mind, and specifically a pair of charitable organizations which help support those schools.  It applies just the same to any 501c3 charitable organizations, including similar organizations associated with other school systems as well as other types of charities altogether.] It’s annual appeal time […]

A Powerful Tool for Charitable Gifts

A Powerful Tool for Charitable Gifts  – the Donor-Advised Fund Year-end is a time that many of us think of charity.  And while the tax code encourages giving gifts to charity, if you want to take advantage of the tax break on this year’s taxes, you need to make the gift before year-end. Many of […]

Making tax-free transfers from your IRA to a charity

In 2011, there was a provision in the law which allowed one to make direct transfers from one’s IRA to a charity.  By doing so, one could satisfy his RMD requirements while avoiding paying taxes on that transfer.  Moreover, it was a better tax break than if you’d taken the distribution in cash (taxable income, […]

Year-End Deadlines

While we recommend planning and managing your finances all year long – this is a process, not a singular task – there are a few deadlines which come up at year-end which cannot be ignored.  Some of them represent potential missed opportunities, while at least one of them represents something that if you don’t do […]