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Should I be alarmed at a “MAP-21” notice in my employer’s pension information?

A recent poster to the newsgroup asked about a MAP-21 notice as part of the information from his employer’s pension plan.  Below, you’ll find our response: Should I be alarmed at the following info contained in my former employer’s Annual Funding Notice for Retirement Plan?   With MAP-21 rates, fund is at 101%, without […]

US Treasury I-series savings bonds – still zero real yield

For the 6th straight 6-month period in a row, US Treasury I-Bonds will be issued with a fixed “real” rate of 0%.  That’s zero.  Nil. Nada. Zip. The nominal yield is higher, since it’s a composite built out of the fixed (zero) rate plus a component representing inflation.  The composite rate right now is 1.18%. […]