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Five Things Investors Should NOT Do Now (WSJ/Zweig)

Jason Zweig hits it right on the head. Must-read for all investors. Summary:1. Don’t fixate on the news2. Don’t panic3. Don’t be complacent4. Don’t get hung up on the talk of a “correction”5. Don’t think you — or anyone else — knows what will happen next Read #5 again.  And again.  It drives all the […]

The Father of the Modern 401(k) Says It Fails Many Americans

<; “Thus began the era of make-your-own-retirement.” The 401k wasn’t exactly an accident – it was intentionally put into the tax code.  But the blockbuster growth of it, and the way it’s supplanting the traditional pension more and more – that was not the original intention. Scott Tang at American Public Media (NPR) discusses the […]

Make the Most of Your First Meeting With a Financial Adviser

Wall Street Journal article published Monday, November 5, 2012: A really helpful article discussing what folks may expect at a first meeting with a financial adviser. Unfortunately, the article doesn’t shed very much light on some essential issues – the differences between a Registered Investment Adviser and a representative of a Broker/Dealer, for example.  […]

Choosing a financial planner: 5 red flags A nice article from CBS’s MoneyWatch site. Summary – Watch out for the following things (notes which follow the bullet points are my own): Variable Annuity pitch – sometimes these may be appropriate, but certainly they are not something anyone should suggest at a first meeting.  If they are suitable, they require a detailed […]

Rick Ferri says “Mutual Fund investors should Occupy Boston” Following all the Occupy This and That out there (WallSt, mainly, but there are satellite protests), Rick makes some great points.  They’re the same ones he makes on a regular basis, but it’s still nice to see them tied down so cleanly. Summary – the mutual fund industry has been raking in huge amounts […]

John Steele Gordon: A Short History of the Income Tax (WSJ op-ed piece) A Short History of the Income Tax One original sin was the separation of the corporate and personal tax, giving lawyers, accountants and the wealthy a chance to game the system. […] The other pernicious consequence of the separate corporate and personal income taxes has been a field day for demagogues and the misguided […]