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Delaying the start of Social Security

Delaying the start of Social Security – potentially a fantastic deal [Note, this post is from our On The Spot newsletter.  We publish it infrequently and strive to always include helpful, informative articles such as this one.  Sign up here: and we’ll also send you a copy of our most recent “10 Things” special […]

Real 10 year yields

From an article about adjusting assumptions for retirement withdrawal rates in a ‘yield-free’ world.     The author makes some important points about the rule-of-thumb that so many use for planning the level of withdrawals that’s “safe” from a given portfolio (or flipping it around, the level of savings that will be necessary to […]

Counting on an Inheritance? Count Again. From the Wall Street Journal on Monday, June 11, 2012: Worth the read.  Great reminder that (a) you should probably not be planning on an expected inheritance to take care of your retirement savings for yourself; (b) you should seriously be having a frank talk with your parents about their finances; (c) your siblings […]

Saving For Retirement: 10 Things You Need To Know

We periodically make special reports available to our clients and others.  Please let us know you’re interested by filling in your e-mail address below. We are currently offering “Saving For Retirement: 10 Things You Need To Know”.  The report is free.  

Zvi Bodie, TIPs, Zero-Cost Collars and Equity Risks

Major piece in today’s Wall Street Journal, “Why Stocks are Riskier Than You Think” by Zvi Bodie and Rachelle Taqqu (Of course, Bodie and Taqqu are also hoping that this article will lead a lot of people to buy their recent book, “Risk Less and Prosper”.  Bodie and Taqqu’s own retirement plan likely hinges […]

Choosing a financial planner: 5 red flags A nice article from CBS’s MoneyWatch site. Summary – Watch out for the following things (notes which follow the bullet points are my own): Variable Annuity pitch – sometimes these may be appropriate, but certainly they are not something anyone should suggest at a first meeting.  If they are suitable, they require a detailed […]

WSJ – The Bond Buyer’s Dilemma

The Bond Buyer’s Dilemma The yields on long-term US Treasury bonds will likely fall below inflation for years.  Fortunately, some reasonable alternatives strategies exist for investors. –snip– A few bits and pieces from the opinion piece: Are we in an era now when many bondholders are likely to experience very unsatisfactory investment results?  I […]

Year-End Deadlines

While we recommend planning and managing your finances all year long – this is a process, not a singular task – there are a few deadlines which come up at year-end which cannot be ignored.  Some of them represent potential missed opportunities, while at least one of them represents something that if you don’t do […]

Hardly a “lost decade”

We recently heard from a person who has some complaints about the last decade’s performance of his 401(k).  He said he’d been putting money in since the beginning of 2000, regularly, and after all this time, the portfolio in his 401(k) is worth a little bit less than the sum of all the money he’d […]

Study: 401(k) participants who had “help” outperformed others 401(k) Study: Workers who sought help improved annual performance by an average of 3 percent DES MOINES, Iowa – Sometimes it pays to get help. A new study of 401(k) accounts provides further evidence that workers who get help pocket higher returns than those handling their own investment choices. The study by human resources […]