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Where there’s a Will, there’s a Plan – Estate Planning

Estate Planning for Everyone Where there’s a Will, there’s a Plan (and if there isn’t a will, there’s still a plan, but it might not be what you want) (Okay, the title is just being silly — as you’ll see below, it’s about a lot more than just a will.) First a few myths that […]

Forbes/NAPFA iConference virtual conference – going on right now.  (Michael Kitces is talking about fascinating research into a whole new way to think about asset allocation glide-paths in retirement – with *increasing* rather than decreasing equity allocations!) So far, though, it’s a great conference, just like last year. The session on tax planning for 2013 […]

58.7% increase in tax rates at the beginning of 2013 for income above $11,950

Yes, you read that right.  There was a 58.7% increase in tax rates on taxes paid by certain taxpayers as of the beginning of 2013. That’s the increase in capital gains taxes for folks in the highest ordinary tax brackets, due to the increase in the capital gains rate from 15% to 20%, and the […]