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“Obama Targets Financial Advisers” — a WSJ editorial full of nonsense

  Today’s WSJ Editorial. For the record, we at Meyers Wealth Management do NOT agree with the editorial. We have no opinion about HOW the Obama administration is going about this — legal procedures, etc. But the notion that someone who calls himself a “financial adviser” can do so without being subject to a fiduciary […]

Financial Planning versus the Robo-Advisors

It seems that every day there’s another headline or article about the rise of the Robo-Advisors. And it seems a common myth discussed in these articles is that these online investment advisory services are a growing threat to the business of personal human-provided financial advice. What it really comes down to is what, exactly, one […]

How Advisors Lure Federal Workers Out of Low-Fee Retirement Plans

  A very interesting article came out today on Financial Planning <http://www.financial-planning.com&gt; regarding the treatment of former employees of the Federal government by the investment management industry. The article in question, should you be interested in reading it:  <http://www.financial-planning.com/news/regulatory_compliance/how-advisors-lure-federal-workers-out-of-low-fee-retirement-plans-2690130-1.html&gt;   Some background: The Federal government runs a retirement savings program which is basically the same […]

Dan Ariely on “Asking the right and wrong questions”

Dan Ariely, author and professor of behavioral economics, wrote an interesting blog post yesterday  Asking the right and wrong questions  From a behavioral economics point of view, the field of financial  advice is quite strange and not very useful. For the most part,  professional financial services rely on clients answers to two  questions:    How much of […]