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Social Security COLA (Cost Of Living Adjustment) Revisited for 2023

We have a more detailed note about computation of COLAs here: https://meyersmoney.blog/2022/08/10/what-is-the-social-security-cola-cost-of-living-adjustment-and-how-is-it-computed/ However the example computation in that article was the 2022 COLA (computed in late 2021). This is just an update showing the computation for the 2023 COLA — which couldn’t be computed until several months after that previous note was written because it […]

2015 IRA, 401(k) and other retirement plan contribution limits announced

By law certain retirement plan limits get adjusted every year, not exactly tracking inflation (i.e., not by the CPI) but rather in “chunks” which approximate it. For 2015, the following limits have been announced: IRA Contributions (combined limit across Roth and Traditional): $5,500IRA Catch-Up Contributions (for folks over 50): $1000[Both unchanged from 2014 and, actually, […]