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2013 Year-End Reminders

At year-end, there are several financial moves which can be particularly beneficial.  We list a few here, as a reminder:   (a) Charitable Gifts – in order to get the tax break for making gifts or donations to charities, they must be completed by year-end.  See A Powerful Tool for Charitable Gifts – the Donor-Advised […]

A Powerful Tool for Charitable Gifts

A Powerful Tool for Charitable Gifts  – the Donor-Advised Fund Year-end is a time that many of us think of charity.  And while the tax code encourages giving gifts to charity, if you want to take advantage of the tax break on this year’s taxes, you need to make the gift before year-end. Many of […]

Socially Responsible Investing

A few months ago a client asked me, “Do you ever use SRI funds or social screens in selecting investments?”   My answer was that we generally don’t seek out SRI funds. Instead we advise clients to seek out the investments that best meet their financial needs and then approach charitable giving separately. But I […]